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Note: Portions of this post were originally  published on March 8, 2018. Given the recent confirmation of Diablo 3 on the Switch and added bonus information that it would include Nintendo-themed cosmetic goodies, we thought we’d se...
Published Aug 18, 2018
If you want to go to BlizzCon this year but missed out on previous ticket sales, you have another chance. Blizzard just announced they’re opening up the floodgates and holding another BlizzCon ticket sale in just over a week — so g...
Published Aug 17, 2018
Overwatch League Season 1 is over, but many of its most notable players are still competing for the Overwatch World Cup. The first set of matches start on August 16 and don’t finish up until August 19, so you’ll have several ...
Published Aug 17, 2018
Since the Cataclysm expansion, Genn Greymane has become an Alliance fixture. He’s outlived all leaders of his era save one — of the original Alliance of Lordaeron rulers, only Genn remains. He has few contemporaries. Figures ...
Published Aug 17, 2018
Just a lazy day escaping from prison on yet another alt. I know it feels like everybody is 120 and doing World Quests already, but some of us are still kind of soaking in the content. I’m 116 on my DK as of this writing, and my oth...
Published Aug 17, 2018