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Legend of the Alliance
Level 25 Alliance · 296 members
Raid progression
The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 10%
Trial of Valor: 100%
Tomb of Sargeras: 100%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 100%
Realm Rank 27
Region Rank 8513
World Rank 15780

Be welcome to the all new Legend of the Alliance guild website!

Legend of the Alliance is a social raiding guild founded February 15th 2007 on EU-Eonar and as a guild focus on having an enjoyable social experience in the game while taking down bosses.

Guild members should register to get access to the guild-only content, and non-guildies should apply! :)

Loverose the slacker approves!
Ratyrel tag The panda approves!

Hatefree tag Video of the kill (no sound from the real kill, so no voices): https://youtu.be/x5fWJXd2IcY

Hatefree tag video of the kill: https://youtu.be/ipX0XiVsgNc

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Published Jul 21, 2018
Update: We have our first look at the Nerf version of Reaper’s Hellfire Shotgun and it looks awesome. Ready for combat operations. Add Reaper’s #NerfRival Hellfire Shotgun to your arsenal in 2019. pic.twitter.com/HZxYegdxqK —...
Published Jul 20, 2018
This character profile has been written for Erumarä, one of our supporters. If you enjoy it, you can check out the other profiles we’ve written, too! “The answer is still no.” The servant at the door was new. Erumarä remember...
Published Jul 20, 2018
The Kaldorei, or Children of the Stars in their native language, are the Night Elves. Ancient Kalimdor  — the land of eternal starlight, possibly named by the Titan-Forged who shaped it — was their birthplace and the cradle o...
Published Jul 20, 2018
I still haven’t adjusted to the changes to WoW‘s global cooldown rules, and for now at least, I’m having a ton of fun spinning around and murdering stuff in Diablo 3 instead. It’s soothing. I’ll did still pl...
Published Jul 20, 2018