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Legend of the Alliance
Level 25 Alliance · 235 members
Raid progression
Realm Rank 31
Region Rank 9186
World Rank 16769

Be welcome to the all new Legend of the Alliance guild website!

Legend of the Alliance is a social raiding guild founded February 15th 2007 on EU-Eonar and as a guild focus on having an enjoyable social experience in the game while taking down bosses.

Guild members should register to get access to the guild-only content, and non-guildies should apply! :)

Loverose the slacker approves!
Rataiga tag The panda approves!

Very nice going now guys, awesome kill!

Hatefree Video of the kill: https://youtu.be/jpAYXZdhGFo ...
Jatello tag Waita go everyone! 3 more to go! We're on the home stretch!

Dem trains be late mon! Sorry, our fault. Well done all!

Lahn tag An Elafied kill video now up at http://www.legendofthealliance.com/forum/m/11366024/viewthread/19578007-blackrock-foundr ...
Ela Grats guys =) now Carry meeeee! =D

So took us way too long but on a slacknight we went in there, kicked some ass (not the boss'es tho, he stuck in there) and finally he just decided to reward our patience and took a nap. Well done all!

Edit: Particular thanks to Lim who changed to his healer to help out when we only had two healers. Without him we still would not have gotten this down!

Avastrath tag Melee dps pov: https://youtu.be/5JxxP4GqM30
Ela very nice everyone =D also good kill, looked really good what everyone was doing (especially hats off to the hunters!!)
Lahn tag all kill imagesare in the gallery also hf, in full size

'cuz that's the way we roll!

Hatefree here it is, no music: http://youtu.be/w4uwlkqeRBo ...
Ela Yea hate, germany is reeeeaaaaalyyyyy special =( thanks! =D
Hatefree oh, my fault: Germany is on the list... the only one from Europe ...
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