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Legend of the Alliance
Level 25 Alliance · 233 members
Raid progression
Realm Rank 37
Region Rank 10497
World Rank 19015

Be welcome to the all new Legend of the Alliance guild website!

Legend of the Alliance is a social raiding guild founded February 15th 2007 on EU-Eonar and as a guild focus on having an enjoyable social experience in the game while taking down bosses.

Guild members should register to get access to the guild-only content, and non-guildies should apply! :)

Loverose the slacker approves!
Rataiga tag The panda approves!

'cuz that's the way we roll!

hatefree here it is, no music: http://youtu.be/w4uwlkqeRBo ...
Ela Yea hate, germany is reeeeaaaaalyyyyy special =( thanks! =D
hatefree oh, my fault: Germany is on the list... the only one from Europe ...

Lil bit tougher on a larger group (and more ranged oriented setup) but still, down she went :D Well done!

Orcades grats all ...
Ela Ava your vids are fine! Was aimed toward foxy ...
Esderdina I call dips on Kromagg kill video O.O

A really fun encounter and the best boss accents in awhile, but after some necessary wiping down they went! Well done all!

Kill video, courtesy of Avastrath:

Jimjoo cool!!
Avastrath tag Kill video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMttQgEQeqQ&list=PLvBGXUQKOAijjB4IeL25Ij5LyehIWVfpX&index=3 ...

Shortly after setting out to kill this guy he toppled over, resuscitation attempts failed unfortunately :)

Kill video, courtesy of Avastrath:

Avastrath tag Kill video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7X9TgC-NIY&list=PLvBGXUQKOAijjB4IeL25Ij5LyehIWVfpX&index=2 ...
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